A book to change your life!

Writing the first book in our series, Personality Portraits – The Enneagram Encountered, was not just a labour of love from our own perspective, but a response to the impact we see each and every time we deliver our two day workshop on this subject.

These workshops (next dates 25th & 26th July, Wirral) explore this powerful and profound tool, with inbuilt coaching to empower delegates to truly transform their lives and build their strengths. We are finding that the book is having similar impact, both with those new to the Enneagram and those who have known it for many years.

We recently received this feedback from a young woman who had not encountered the Enneagram before but has found it to be a real turning point.

“Discovering the Enneagram has opened up so many doors in my personal and professional life and the way the Enneagram Encountered is written has helped me look at what I want out of life and discover myself in a way I had never thought about before.

I had never sat down and thought about my goals or what made me tick, doing these things has enabled me to be more focussed about what I choose to do in my every day life as well as knowing what is best for me.

Through this book I have been able to target the problems with important people in my life and not only solve but enhance the relationships with these people. It is an amazing and useful tool.”

This young woman’s reflections mirror the words we hear each and every time we offer this material, in any form. The Enneagram is a fabulous tool for compassion and personal and professional growth; combined with coaching , it is life changing.

We are currently working with local schools to access Lottery Award funds to run the workshops throughout their community for parents, staff, governors and children. Having successfully completed such projects with two primary schools, impact has been significant on every level: parent-teacher conversations take on a whole new dimension with the Enneagram as the underpinning understanding.

Book two is underway. We are keen to know of other groups or organisations who might be open to this work: we have brought it already into the realms of the legal profession and are about to run the programme for a successful film making company and promote it with the Social Boosting tools to get a bigger audience and have more engagement.
We welcome suggestions and invitations to broaden our reach!