Animals for the Gut

Gut types, Driven by anger and a need to control, are well represented by animals of power, animals  one would avoid provoking Рsee what you think of these to represent the 8,9 and 1.

8s – The Silverback Gorilla


Hugely powerful, the massive dominance of the male silverback gorilla mirrors the indomitable presence of the 8.


9s – The Brown Bear


Associated with gentleness, bear hugs and a warm playfulness, the 9-like brown bear is beautiful, appealing, soft in its general features-and utterly deadly when enraged.


1s – The Honey Bee


Industrious, productive, busy about their work, the very fate of life on this planet depends upon the survival of the honeybee, like 1s, they have a job to do and will become irate with any who jeopardise their cause.