Animals for the Heart

What do animals reveal to us about our personality?

Animals can evoke strong reactions and our likes and dislikes can reveal a great deal to us about our values and beliefs. We offer you the following as just one way of using animals to illustrate the personality types. We invite you to play with these ideas; see which ones resonate most with you.

Animals for the Heart types:

2s – Golden Labrador


2s, like golden Labradors, are reliable, affectionate, and infinitely lovable: they want to pleaseĀ and thrive in the helper role.


3s – Peacock


Dazzling and made for display, the male peacock epitomises the glitzy showcasing of the 3 – who could fail to be impressed?


4s – Black cat


Elusive and enigmatic, the black cat symbolises mystery, magic, the darkness of life; 4s will identify with the mystique and malaise of a solitary creature much misunderstood.