Bags of Personality!

A bag is SO much more than a container for stuff… Or is it? Although bags are more typically a topic more appealing to women than men, all can relate to the idea behind the words. Which bags best represent the character of those important people in your life?

Bags for the Heart types:

2s – Holdall
Ideal container for everything-that-anyone-could-possibly-need, the hold-all is all about the delight of being able to produce, with a flourish, just the very item to rescue you from distress – a 2’s supreme dream!

3s – Mulberry
Style and status, identifiable from a distance – the Mulberry range is exclusive, expensive and instantly recognisable as an indicator of success – positively irresistible to a 3!

4s – Vintage Boho
Quality imbued with story – a bag with a history, infinitely appealing to a 4 who would cherish the quality fabric whilst wondering what tears might have been shed in its presence, what lies whispered, what secrets it might keep.

Bags for the Head types

5s – Back pack
Practical and pragmatic, designed for economy of function, this is the perfect bag for the fact finding 5.

6s – Security bag
Secret pockets, fitted pouches for all essentials, a clutch bag with a lock and coded access would delight a 6 who will relish both its tidy design and its unexpected security.

7s – A Bag full of Everything!
A bag full of random ‘stuff’ from party poppers to passport (‘Just in case, you never know…’) epitomises the life of the 7, who hurtles from experience to experience, clutching a bag full of nonsense, but with plenty more room for the shopping still to be done.

Bags for the Gut types

8s – Kit bag
Huge, heavy, strong, built for hard hauling, this bag suggests armed forces, power – a person going equipped for conflict – whether battling the elements or battling foes, this bag means business – very much like the 8.

9s – Something soft & comfortable
Suede, fur, perhaps a bag that doubles as a cuddly toy: soft comfort in carrier form would be the perfect 9 representative in the bag family.

1s – Briefcase
A briefcase with security built in and smart compartments for workplace items speaks of the Enneagram 1 – with quality, elegance and seriousness of purpose, the case, like the 1, commands respect.