If “clothes make the man”…



“Since clothes make the man…”  according to Shakespeare, what might your clothes make of you?

Whether or not we agree with the sentiment, we do make judgments of each other based on the first few seconds, much of which will be governed by what we wear.

If your clothes were to speak of your personality, what would they say?

We offer these thoughts around clothes and the nine types. We do not suggest that these will necessarily be the clothes worn by the types, more that the clothing represents the type in some way.

Clothes for Heart types:

2s – The tool belt

The concept of the tool belt speaks of the 2, thrilled to be able to present, with a flourish, the very item most needed by an appreciative recipient, at any given moment. Appearances are unimportant in comparison to the delight of being the ‘Fix-it’ King or Queen, always equipped to come to the rescue of an adoring audience.

3s – Dresses by Beckham

The glitz, the association with wealth and public adulation, the status of Victoria Beckham’s dresses would hold massive appeal for a 3, who would thrill to the attention and admiration these garments would elicit. Showy and sensationalist, 3s would carry these items with style, revelling in the ‘buzz’ they would create.

4s – Depp Fedora

Definitely a style guru, an icon carving his own unique path, Depp makes the most of the Fedora as a symbol of the rebel, the original, the stylish isolate. The Fedora has such romantic overtones, suggestive of star crossed lovers and tormented villains, bloodied heroes of times gone by; silver screen gods and damsels in distress, evocative and dramatic – supremely enticing to 4s.

Clothes for Head types:

5s – Anorak

‘Anorak’ itself is a word sometimes used synonymously with ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’. The archetypal information seeker is somehow epitomised in a garment which is absolutely functional, built to withstand the elements, disinterested in others’ impressions and made for long term observation of external elements – the coat of the trainspotter or ‘twitcher’, collecting data in all weathers.

6s – High visibility jacket

The ‘safety-first’ design of this coat is classic of 6s’ desire to counter all risks and prevent accidents. Ever watchful and concerned for the team, 6s would not rest unless they knew the dangers of the dark could be nullified and this garment is certainly the result of 6-type thinking. Straightforward, to the point, simple and functional, this jacket saves lives.

7s – Comic t-shirt

Comic sentiments would be irresistible to most 7s – the idea of a t shirt telling a joke must be the brain-child of a 7. Creating a stir, making people laugh, the humour would definitely give 7s the lift they seek, the mind boosted by the fizz of an audience ready to play. 7s would love to see or wear clothes which promise to break the dullness of an ordinary day.

Clothes for Gut types:

8s – Combat jacket

The name and style of this jacket implies action, power and challenge. Facing the elements, overcoming physical trials, being ready to take on the world and win, this jacket suggests heroic strength and true grit: admired and sought after by 8s. Functional and sturdy, this 8-like jacket will deliver the goods; tried and tested, this garment is as tough as it comes.

9s – Winnie the Pooh Onesy

Cute, cuddly, all-of-a-snuggle, this Onesy is the epitome of a comfort loving, snoozy 9. The idea of a garment offering draft-free warmth in one piece without the effort of having to find and tuck in separate items is most appealing to this energy conserving type. This is topped for 9s by the fact that it is also a walking pacifier – who could possibly be mad at Winnie the Pooh?

1s – Armani suit

Style, classic lines, seriously elegant clothing suits 1s to a tee. The 1 drive to get it right and maintain the highest possible standards would definitely apply to their dress which has to be seen to be good enough to hold their head up high in public. Unshowy but understated quality would be the trademarks of 1 clothing design, their dress suggests authority and all that is ‘correct’.

Dream Days Out!

Days out –

What kind of day out would suit your personality type, down to the ground?
What kind of day out would you absolutely hate?

We often spend our leisure time without thing too much about what we are doing with it. Whether or not that time then feels well spent, will say a lot about whether or not we are in alignment with our core values; being true to ourselves.

Knowing ourselves more deeply, through the Enneagram, enables us to make more conscious choices with our time – the most precious and truly irreplaceable resource we have – and our lives feel so much more fulfilled and enjoyable as a result.

Of course, our type does not limit us to any one particular experience, we may find ourselves drawn to any number of the following suggestions, but, as the Enneagram Encountered will have shown you, understanding our types shows us why we are drawn to them.

So, if there were a day out that would epitomise each type, rather than being the only one for each type, we would suggest the following; see what you think!

Days Out for Heart types

Heart types will thrive on activities which bring love and attention with them.

2s – Planning an evening fundraiser

A day spent searching for the ideal combination of events and experiences to delight guests and prompt them to dig deep to provide for the needy, will truly satisfy, as long as someone knows and appreciates the efforts being made. 2s will truly relish giving attention to the little things that others would not begin to consider – those heart warming little extras – perhaps place cards with personalised messages of appreciation; or ‘Thank you’ bags for the guests with pictures of the Charity at work and the love shared by raising funds.

3s – A day at Ascot races
The buzz of prestige and high powered personalities, the glitz, the HATS, Ascot is showy spectacle where image is everything and the first 30 seconds count – all thrilling to 3s! Three miles of bunting greet esteemed visitors – 400 private helicopter landings and 1000 limousines are the norm each year – and the five days of top prize racing amid 7 star Michelin service and the serenading of 100 musicians are the perfect time to be seen rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous.

4s – A night at the opera
4s will relish off beat, unusual pursuits, probably cultured or arty, something most will not have encountered or appreciated, possibly something controversial or emotive, something to unsettle the emotions and cause a bit of a stir. They will love the fact that their experience is exclusive and unique, they will avoid the mass opera experience and will be very drawn to the less visited and tragic works, with limited showings and more exclusive following.

Head types will choose pursuits with safety inbuilt – safe from intrusion for 5s, safety in numbers for 6s and safe from boredom for 7s!

5s – Fishing – ALONE
Permission to indulge in absolute solitude, where the mere presence of others is frowned upon, the guarantee of seclusion and silence for their own thoughts and pursuits is compelling for 5s. These cerebral people will know all there is to know – about the water, the breeds of fish, the methods of catching them, the weather, the traffic of other fishing folk through the area – they will want to know it all. This is not an absent minded, daydreamy event, rather a ferociously focused pitting of the mind against matter – a calculation of odds and the cleverest of fish focused entrapments.

6s – Murder mystery – a family or team evening including costumes
6s love a good mystery and the opportunity to bring a family or team together to play their parts in a group event will appeal to their sense of fun as well as their desire to include everyone. They will enjoy sleuthing – allowing their suspicious minds free rein and playing detective – pitting their sixth sense against others’ attempts to bluff and misdirect. They will read body language and interpret every sign and nuance to solve the crime and will love all the subterfuge along the way – as long as they are amongst trusted friends, with whom they feel safe to play.

7s – Skydiving
Skydiving, (or bungee jumping, white water rafting etc etc etc) a day of adventure and thrill, guaranteed to make the blood race and the adrenalin pump will be high on the list for many 7s who like the extreme ride for the non stop excitement it affords! The buzz of dazzling heights, sharp acceleration, breath taking stunts will be intoxicating to the fun seeking Adventurers. Not only will the day itself promise pure, spine tingling peaks – the ‘high’ the 7s seek – but the stories they will get to tell after the event will keep them entertaining others for weeks afterwards. Definitely a well spent day.

Gut types will want a day out which puts them firmly in charge!

8s – Go Ape
8s love to be up against the odds, to feel the aggressive charge of a challenge, to pit their strength against the elements – a day of zip wiring and power trekking, under jungle-like conditions, paints a great picture of mighty 8s at their best. As a family event, 8s would love to boost their children through each challenge, delighting in their resourcefulness, celebrating moments of courage and showing them that they are in charge of their destiny. They will feel that this experience isn’t just a day of fun for the family but is an important life lesson. They are destined to be Tarzan in their own jungle and they have to be ready for the scrapes and bumps and blisters along the way.

9s – Picnic on the beach
Sun, sea, sand, beauty all around and a delectable picnic to enjoy (hopefully prepared by someone else with more energy to spare) – bliss on toast for a comfort-basking 9, well set to soak up the loveliness of it all. Nothing to be done, no expectations to be met, just great food, fantastic scenery, pleasure and ease at every turn – and permission to snooze in the sunshine, should the desire arise; 9s love the simplicity of nature and its treasures – the beach will ideally be a sandy cove, undiscovered by the hoards, a place of quiet and happy privacy.

1s – ‘Save the Planet’ Fundraiser
1s will find themselves drawn to spending their ‘down’ time on a worthy cause, giving their energy to something important – anything from building a patio at home for their family or joining a team to build a playground for children in need, to joining a conservation project to tackle global warming. Not all 1s will build something physically, but they see how the world ‘should’ be and they give unstintingly to make that happen. This will feel rewarding and fulfilling and they will truly delight in knowing that they are giving their all, relishing others who share their sense of mission. At the end of the day, they may then unwind with something utterly frivolous as light relief!


Bags of Personality!

A bag is SO much more than a container for stuff… Or is it? Although bags are more typically a topic more appealing to women than men, all can relate to the idea behind the words. Which bags best represent the character of those important people in your life?

Bags for the Heart types:

2s – Holdall
Ideal container for everything-that-anyone-could-possibly-need, the hold-all is all about the delight of being able to produce, with a flourish, just the very item to rescue you from distress – a 2’s supreme dream!

3s – Mulberry
Style and status, identifiable from a distance – the Mulberry range is exclusive, expensive and instantly recognisable as an indicator of success – positively irresistible to a 3!

4s – Vintage Boho
Quality imbued with story – a bag with a history, infinitely appealing to a 4 who would cherish the quality fabric whilst wondering what tears might have been shed in its presence, what lies whispered, what secrets it might keep.

Bags for the Head types

5s – Back pack
Practical and pragmatic, designed for economy of function, this is the perfect bag for the fact finding 5.

6s – Security bag
Secret pockets, fitted pouches for all essentials, a clutch bag with a lock and coded access would delight a 6 who will relish both its tidy design and its unexpected security.

7s – A Bag full of Everything!
A bag full of random ‘stuff’ from party poppers to passport (‘Just in case, you never know…’) epitomises the life of the 7, who hurtles from experience to experience, clutching a bag full of nonsense, but with plenty more room for the shopping still to be done.

Bags for the Gut types

8s – Kit bag
Huge, heavy, strong, built for hard hauling, this bag suggests armed forces, power – a person going equipped for conflict – whether battling the elements or battling foes, this bag means business – very much like the 8.

9s – Something soft & comfortable
Suede, fur, perhaps a bag that doubles as a cuddly toy: soft comfort in carrier form would be the perfect 9 representative in the bag family.

1s – Briefcase
A briefcase with security built in and smart compartments for workplace items speaks of the Enneagram 1 – with quality, elegance and seriousness of purpose, the case, like the 1, commands respect.


A book to change your life!

Writing the first book in our series, Personality Portraits – The Enneagram Encountered, was not just a labour of love from our own perspective, but a response to the impact we see each and every time we deliver our two day workshop on this subject.

These workshops (next dates 25th & 26th July, Wirral) explore this powerful and profound tool, with inbuilt coaching to empower delegates to truly transform their lives and build their strengths. We are finding that the book is having similar impact, both with those new to the Enneagram and those who have known it for many years.

We recently received this feedback from a young woman who had not encountered the Enneagram before but has found it to be a real turning point.

“Discovering the Enneagram has opened up so many doors in my personal and professional life and the way the Enneagram Encountered is written has helped me look at what I want out of life and discover myself in a way I had never thought about before.

I had never sat down and thought about my goals or what made me tick, doing these things has enabled me to be more focussed about what I choose to do in my every day life as well as knowing what is best for me.

Through this book I have been able to target the problems with important people in my life and not only solve but enhance the relationships with these people. It is an amazing and useful tool.”

This young woman’s reflections mirror the words we hear each and every time we offer this material, in any form. The Enneagram is a fabulous tool for compassion and personal and professional growth; combined with coaching , it is life changing.

We are currently working with local schools to access Lottery Award funds to run the workshops throughout their community for parents, staff, governors and children. Having successfully completed such projects with two primary schools, impact has been significant on every level: parent-teacher conversations take on a whole new dimension with the Enneagram as the underpinning understanding.

Book two is underway. We are keen to know of other groups or organisations who might be open to this work: we have brought it already into the realms of the legal profession and are about to run the programme for a successful film making company and promote it with the Social Boosting tools to get a bigger audience and have more engagement.
We welcome suggestions and invitations to broaden our reach!

Celebrity Types

Of  course, we cannot type anyone other than ourselves and celebrities suffer too often the slings and arrows of exposure in the press so our offerings here are made with the  greatest of respect for all those who are brave enough to make such impact on the world. We make these suggestions based on what we see of these well known personalities, which, of course, may be a far cry from their true, private selves.

2s – Mother Teresa
Hailed as a saint, the ultimate care-giver, Blessed Teresa’s life and works show very 2-like self sacrifice and devotion to loving the unloved; she is a testament to the power of love to conquer all things.

3s – Tom Cruise
Massively successful and hugely accomplished, there are few things Tom Cruise can’t do – ‘Mission Impossible’ really is daily ‘To do’ list stuff for this extreme, 3-like achiever.

4s – Bob Geldolf
Uncomfortable, irascible, determined to make us feel the true anguish of needless suffering, Sir Bob Geldolf is not known for tact or diplomacy, but for playing symphonies of charity on the heart strings of the globe.

5s – Albert Einstein
Seen as the super geek, the genius most swiftly associated with extreme cleverness, Einstein’s focus and pursuit of knowledge is legend, although he repeatedly signposts imagination as the true key to intelligence.

6s – Gary Oldman
Edgy, intense and unassuming, Oldman is an extraordinary mimic: a 6-like chameleon par excellence for whom acting began as an escape from a harsh early existence – a way to disappear into an alter ego.

7s – Robin Williams
Multi-talented, zany, hilarious and utterly inimitable, the late, great Robin Williams had the ability to unleash speeding torrents of comedy, seemingly at the flick of a switch – an apparently endless effusion of wit from a man whose tragic fear was to end life alone.

8s – Tony Robbins
Giant in stature as well as in personality, Robbins epitomises the Champion taking the whole world on to ‘Awaken the Giant Within’: fire walking, smashing limiting beliefs, demolishing comfort zones and daring the masses into empowerment.

9s – Norah Jones
Mellow, relaxed, sleepy sounding brilliance suggest type 9 when listening to Norah Jones, who slouches comfortably in the interview chair and speaks in husky, smooth under statements; she gives the impression that she genuinely has no sense of being special despite her outstanding musical gifts.

1s – Hilary Clinton
A woman running for Presidency of the USA, Hilary Clinton shows 1-like strength and determination to lead and speaks as one who appears sincere in her desire to do the right thing, to take responsibility for necessary reform and the righting of wrongs.