Lessons in Compassion From the Wisdom of the Enneagram

How our subconscious drivers can tie us up in knots Apparently, the man arrived at the workshop in a private helicopter. He was head-to-toe gilded with the trappings of success. Smooth, charismatic, charming, he befriended every delegate he met….

Personality – in floral form!

Flowers holdĀ more meaning than we might think even in our twenty-first century lives – from medicinal remedies to message bearers, flowers soothe and inspire us through the ups and downs of life. So what do they say to…

Dream Days Out!

Days out – What kind of day out would suit your personality type, down to the ground? What kind of day out would you absolutely hate? We often spend our leisure time without thing too much about what…

Colours for the Heart

What colours might represent the Heart types of the Enneagram? The Helper – Enneagram type 2 – Pink The colour associated with love and nurturing, this colour represents the 2’s desire to love and be loved in return….

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