Celebrity Types

Of  course, we cannot type anyone other than ourselves and celebrities suffer too often the slings and arrows of exposure in the press so our offerings here are made with the  greatest of respect for all those who are brave enough to make such impact on the world. We make these suggestions based on what we see of these well known personalities, which, of course, may be a far cry from their true, private selves.

2s – Mother Teresa
Hailed as a saint, the ultimate care-giver, Blessed Teresa’s life and works show very 2-like self sacrifice and devotion to loving the unloved; she is a testament to the power of love to conquer all things.

3s – Tom Cruise
Massively successful and hugely accomplished, there are few things Tom Cruise can’t do – ‘Mission Impossible’ really is daily ‘To do’ list stuff for this extreme, 3-like achiever.

4s – Bob Geldolf
Uncomfortable, irascible, determined to make us feel the true anguish of needless suffering, Sir Bob Geldolf is not known for tact or diplomacy, but for playing symphonies of charity on the heart strings of the globe.

5s – Albert Einstein
Seen as the super geek, the genius most swiftly associated with extreme cleverness, Einstein’s focus and pursuit of knowledge is legend, although he repeatedly signposts imagination as the true key to intelligence.

6s – Gary Oldman
Edgy, intense and unassuming, Oldman is an extraordinary mimic: a 6-like chameleon par excellence for whom acting began as an escape from a harsh early existence – a way to disappear into an alter ego.

7s – Robin Williams
Multi-talented, zany, hilarious and utterly inimitable, the late, great Robin Williams had the ability to unleash speeding torrents of comedy, seemingly at the flick of a switch – an apparently endless effusion of wit from a man whose tragic fear was to end life alone.

8s – Tony Robbins
Giant in stature as well as in personality, Robbins epitomises the Champion taking the whole world on to ‘Awaken the Giant Within’: fire walking, smashing limiting beliefs, demolishing comfort zones and daring the masses into empowerment.

9s – Norah Jones
Mellow, relaxed, sleepy sounding brilliance suggest type 9 when listening to Norah Jones, who slouches comfortably in the interview chair and speaks in husky, smooth under statements; she gives the impression that she genuinely has no sense of being special despite her outstanding musical gifts.

1s – Hilary Clinton
A woman running for Presidency of the USA, Hilary Clinton shows 1-like strength and determination to lead and speaks as one who appears sincere in her desire to do the right thing, to take responsibility for necessary reform and the righting of wrongs.