From Winnie the Pooh to Nanny McPhee, which character would YOU be?

Children’s favourite characters have massive appeal, whatever our age. We see something of ourselves in them and we love the timeless connection they give us to the heroes and villains of our childhood.

2 – Kanga

Soft and sweet, but tough when it comes to defending her own, the “Kanga” figure from Winnie the Pooh is Mum to a tee, with a ‘pop in pouch’ at the ready should the little one be in need.

3 – Dash

A bit of a show off, Dash LOVES his super abilities and begs for the day when he can stand on the podium and bask in the glory of it all; in the meantime, his very real real courage saves lives.

4 – Belle

Definitely different, with a longing for something more romantic and beautiful, Belle is alone in her ordinary life, coming into her own in a place of drama and enchantment.

5 – Owl

Stereotypical 5, perhaps, but this wise and objective figure watches from above and guides with veracity; a true friend but at a bit of a distance – no showy affection or spotlighting for Owl.

6 – Cogsworth

This nervous guardian, transformed into a clock, worries about everything but most of all detests rule breaking – “What would the Master say?” – his anxious refrain; and yet, in the end, he stands by his friends against all odds.

7 – Donkey

Non stop talking, punctuated only by a song or silly noise – Donkey is the playful optimist who stands his ground – facing the ogre without skipping a beat; there’s strength behind his smile.

8 – The Beast

Raging, roaring his terrible roar – Beast’s will is absolute. His temper drives people away – ferocious and selfish, the villain of the piece, until his heart is tamed by one who stands up to his bluster.

9 – Winnie the Pooh

Soft, sweet, charmingly oblivious, Pooh’s world is one of happy hums and honey pots. Pooh’s wisdom is simple and yet powerful – “Life is good: don’t hurry, don’t worry and never miss a good meal”!

1 – Nanny McPhee

Strict and sensible, but with a twinkle in her eye – Nanny McPhee is very off putting on first encounter, she appears all frowns and disapproval. Time and connection reveals the warmth within.