If “clothes make the man”…



“Since clothes make the man…”  according to Shakespeare, what might your clothes make of you?

Whether or not we agree with the sentiment, we do make judgments of each other based on the first few seconds, much of which will be governed by what we wear.

If your clothes were to speak of your personality, what would they say?

We offer these thoughts around clothes and the nine types. We do not suggest that these will necessarily be the clothes worn by the types, more that the clothing represents the type in some way.

Clothes for Heart types:

2s – The tool belt

The concept of the tool belt speaks of the 2, thrilled to be able to present, with a flourish, the very item most needed by an appreciative recipient, at any given moment. Appearances are unimportant in comparison to the delight of being the ‘Fix-it’ King or Queen, always equipped to come to the rescue of an adoring audience.

3s – Dresses by Beckham

The glitz, the association with wealth and public adulation, the status of Victoria Beckham’s dresses would hold massive appeal for a 3, who would thrill to the attention and admiration these garments would elicit. Showy and sensationalist, 3s would carry these items with style, revelling in the ‘buzz’ they would create.

4s – Depp Fedora

Definitely a style guru, an icon carving his own unique path, Depp makes the most of the Fedora as a symbol of the rebel, the original, the stylish isolate. The Fedora has such romantic overtones, suggestive of star crossed lovers and tormented villains, bloodied heroes of times gone by; silver screen gods and damsels in distress, evocative and dramatic – supremely enticing to 4s.

Clothes for Head types:

5s – Anorak

‘Anorak’ itself is a word sometimes used synonymously with ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’. The archetypal information seeker is somehow epitomised in a garment which is absolutely functional, built to withstand the elements, disinterested in others’ impressions and made for long term observation of external elements – the coat of the trainspotter or ‘twitcher’, collecting data in all weathers.

6s – High visibility jacket

The ‘safety-first’ design of this coat is classic of 6s’ desire to counter all risks and prevent accidents. Ever watchful and concerned for the team, 6s would not rest unless they knew the dangers of the dark could be nullified and this garment is certainly the result of 6-type thinking. Straightforward, to the point, simple and functional, this jacket saves lives.

7s – Comic t-shirt

Comic sentiments would be irresistible to most 7s – the idea of a t shirt telling a joke must be the brain-child of a 7. Creating a stir, making people laugh, the humour would definitely give 7s the lift they seek, the mind boosted by the fizz of an audience ready to play. 7s would love to see or wear clothes which promise to break the dullness of an ordinary day.

Clothes for Gut types:

8s – Combat jacket

The name and style of this jacket implies action, power and challenge. Facing the elements, overcoming physical trials, being ready to take on the world and win, this jacket suggests heroic strength and true grit: admired and sought after by 8s. Functional and sturdy, this 8-like jacket will deliver the goods; tried and tested, this garment is as tough as it comes.

9s – Winnie the Pooh Onesy

Cute, cuddly, all-of-a-snuggle, this Onesy is the epitome of a comfort loving, snoozy 9. The idea of a garment offering draft-free warmth in one piece without the effort of having to find and tuck in separate items is most appealing to this energy conserving type. This is topped for 9s by the fact that it is also a walking pacifier – who could possibly be mad at Winnie the Pooh?

1s – Armani suit

Style, classic lines, seriously elegant clothing suits 1s to a tee. The 1 drive to get it right and maintain the highest possible standards would definitely apply to their dress which has to be seen to be good enough to hold their head up high in public. Unshowy but understated quality would be the trademarks of 1 clothing design, their dress suggests authority and all that is ‘correct’.