Personality – in floral form!

Flowers hold more meaning than we might think even in our twenty-first century lives – from medicinal remedies to message bearers, flowers soothe and inspire us through the ups and downs of life. So what do they say to us of personality? Perhaps the following might resonate…

2s – Aloe Vera

What plant better suited to the 2 than the multi-purpose, healing Aloe Vera? Strong and simple in appearance, bursting with soothing unction – break a leaf and receive an overflowing supply of symptom relief, helping you heal from all ailments, from burns to ulcers, eczema to bacterial infection.

3s – Bird of Paradise Plant

A dazzling plant – even the most disinterested observer cannot fail to be impressed by this ingenious display of leaves, shaped and coloured to look like the showiest of nature’s birds. Stunning, clever, 3-like, this plant uses the brilliance of others to create an image to attract the eye.

4s – Bleeding Heart

A flower shaped like a bleeding heart – the epitome of the 4! Delicate and fragile, exquisitely crafted, every bloom tugs at the heart strings, eliciting wonder and delight as we ask ourselves – how is such a flower possible? Pathos in their petals, these little “works of heart” are the perfect out-picturing of the 4’s sensitivity.

5s – Cactus

Extraordinarily self sufficient – economy of form and function is at its peak. So clever in construction, the tough outer skin fiercely protects the softness within. Everything is calculated for maximum efficiency – nothing wasted or superficial here, just a robust plant, ensuring survival by intelligent design.

6s – Freshly mown lawn

Somehow, the sight of a freshly mown lawn says Enneagram “6”! It epitomises tidy, organised lifestyles, with people doing their bit for the neighbourhood. It suggests a degree of discipline, delight in the simple pleasures of life and a dependability – all very reminiscent of the Teammate type from garden parties to Wimbledon.

7s – Daisies

Daisies spring up out of nowhere, overnight and can be gone just as quickly. Like 7s, they are carefree and random: they don’t seem to have any concept of where or how they should be, delighting in turning up and bringing a simple smile with them. The expression “Fresh as a daisy” is a lovely indicator of the energy of this little flower, whilst “Whoops-a-daisy” suggests a 7- like chaotic clumsiness.

8s – Giant Redwood

Power and majesty – The sheer dimensions of the Giant Redwood is enough to stop us in our tracks. This is very 8 – like in its impact; not showy or attention seeking, just pure might at its most awesome. You could walk past it unawares, but once its strength is in view, it takes the breath away.
9s – Lavender

Soothing lavender – the scent for relaxation and ease – even the colour of this plant seems to represent the 9 perfectly, nothing jarring, nothing too striking about this plant, it is designed to be easy on all the senses. This is a plant created to calm a troubled mind – reducing anxiety, restlessness and sleeplessness.

1s – Gerbera
There is something so upright and correct about this study, vibrant plant. The flower is simple but elegant, striking and uplifting. No fancy foliage or unnecessary frills here – no self indulgence, this flower is bright, pure and stunning.