Shoes in the spotlight!


What might your shoes say about YOU?

Though generally seen as more of a feminine pre-occupation, thinking about shoes and how we choose them – which ones appeal to us, which ones don’t;  even the state of our favourite shoes – has plenty to say about our personality and core drivers.

As as ever with these thoughts, we need to play with the ideas rather than taking any one too literally….


Shoes for the Heart

2s – Trainers
The trainer: no nonsense, nothing self indulgent; they are built for purpose and that purpose, for the 2, is all about YOU.

3s – Jimmy Choos
Insanely expensive and overtly so – 3s would delight in Jimmy Choos shoes: a statement of affluence and style accessible only to those who are ‘doing well’ in this world.

4s – Something very different
Nothing ‘off the peg’ would ever really do for a 4, or at least, nothing that anyone else is wearing; it certainly won’t be the footwear of the masses!


Shoes for the Head

5s – Wellies
Nothing can get to you in a pair of wellies and that suits the 5 down to the ground: prepared for disaster, life for a 5 is one long field trip.

6s – Plain sneakers
Plain and simple, a safe bet, sneakers are supremely socially unobtrusive and super stealthy – perfect for a ‘keep on your toes’ 6!

7s – LED light roller boots
Loud and lively, these are boredom-busting boots with built in entertainment – perfect for the fun seeking 7.


Shoes for the Gut

8s – Dr. Martens
‘Don’t mess with me!’ seems to be written all over a pair of Dr. Martens; definitely the footwear of the dominant, with every stride they claim the very earth as ‘mine’.

9s – Leather sandals
Comfort first, connection with the earth and all its creatures; the footwear for sunshine and holidays, they suggest ease and simplicity – relax, chill, take a break; sandals, like 9s, invite us to tread softly on Mother Earth.

1s – Clarkes
Clarkes shoes are, first and foremost, good for your feet: looks come second and this sound principle is definitely going to appeal to the sensible, serious, have-to-make-the-right-choice 1.