What this book will give you


A Unique ‘take’ on the system itself

Fundamental to the use of Enneagram understanding to reduce friction in relationships and assist in bring self and others back into balance, is the connectedness between diferent personality types. Our ‘take’ on this crucial element is based on the work of those frst bringing the work of Claudio Naranjo (a founder Enneagram teacher in recent times) to this country in the 1980s and links the types quite diferently to conventional Enneagram teaching.

This variation from the general model very often provides the key to releasing friction as types have their connectedness – or difculty connecting – made clear for the frst time.


Practical workbooks for personal transformation

Delegates inevitably, ask – ‘But what can I DO about it now that I know this?’ Descriptions of the personality types in our book are interspersed with coaching exercises, suited to that type, but useful to all, to make this a uniquely inter-active book on the Enneagram, with powerful, easy-access materials.


Concise, stylishly illustrated, ‘easy-reads’

Whilst there is a huge interest in this tool – the number of books already published is testament to that – we found that the vast majority of these books are dense, mostly ‘information only’ texts. The people we have been working with are expressing massive interest, but have little time to read longer books. This has prompted the writing of a series of practical books on this rich subject, aimed at making the wisdom and sense of the Enneagram available in an easily accessible, high impact format. Shorter chunks of text, with modern, fresh, original artwork (all created by our own expert team) makes this work uniquely appealing and ‘readable’. Its clean, uncomplicated, photograph-free design makes this a timeless and future-ready product.


A three dimensional view of personality

Enriched by by a plethora of visual aids and online multimedia support material, plus monthly newsletters.