What’s worse – too little time, or too much?

Do you feel rushed or pressured, with too little time and too much to do?

Do you envy those who have far fewer calls on their time than you, those lucky ducks who seem to be living the proverbial “Life of Riley” without the pressures of a tight schedule?

You might be surprised to know that recent research suggests that the happiest amongst us are actually those people who have little or no excess time, and yet seldom feel rushed.

Too much time is a burden!

Whilst negative stress is clearly bad for us, positive pressure is actually good thing; being bored is  a significant de-motivator which can affect our confidence and self-esteem, causing its own form of negative stress.

So, how does personality impact upon our use of time? Are some personality types more likely than others to overdo things and take busy-ness to the point of negative stress? Are others more likely to fall into the stress of doing too little?

Potentially, the answer would be “yes” although all types, when out of balance, will struggle to enjoy and manage time.

Some types are more driven to prove themselves, to achieve, or make things happen, no matter what the cost- 1s, 2s, 3s and 8s may well, for different reasons, overdo the work, without leaving enough time for play.

5s, when out of balance, will become stressed by their unsatiable thirst for knowledge, neglecting to eat or sleep in order to spend every available moment in research of some kind.

6s and 7s – the latter in particular, can become frenetically busy in their need to keep everything spinning – 6s – to keep everything in its place, 7s to provide constant variety.

Whilst 7s will be most sensitive to boredom, and may dread the idea of an unoccupied moment, 9s, when out of balance, will crave their “Do Nothing Days”… They may fall into the apathy trap, lacking the energy to do anything at all.

4s may equally find themselves, when out of balance, ceasing all activity whilst sucked into a black mood or a sense of melancholy.

So, what can we do to make the most of our 168?


168 is the number of hours in our week. How much do we think about what we do with this precious, completely irreplaceable resource?

In order to achieve more, most people need to focus on less – the important things, the priorities. So some good questions to ask: Should this be done? Should it be done by me? What do I really REALLY want from my time?

A time audit is a real eye opener for most of us and can result in powerful changes which will free up, or focus desire on best use of, significant chunks of time. Five minutes recouped per day adds up over a week, a month or a year…

One of the biggest time wasters can be technology. The average person spends more time on their laptop than sleeping. We typically now spend more time in the morning checking emails and using the Internet than eating breakfast

Experts have warned this increase in ‘tech-tapping’ means people are not getting enough quality sleep, which has a direct effect on our health.

Perhaps it’s time to re-assess how you are spending your time, so you can get what you really, REALLY want out of life.